Our friends from Greece are back with their fifth release, Time Tricks, which sounds like a cross between straight blues and the soundtrack of an old Clint Eastwood Movie.  Once more, their album tells a story.  This time we find our “heroes” gambling, ultimately ending with an encounter with a resurrected Jesse James, looking to settle some unpaid scores.  This trio is one of the most unique bands I have heard in a while, blending styles while staying fairly tight to the area of blues, which is their main area of interest and a style they play extremely well.  Based in Malesina, Greece, this unit takes a unique approach to the blues, and one I find particularly interesting.  They have traditionally used YouTube to get their music out to the world.  Time Tricks was recorded between March & April of 2015 and will be made available on LP exclusively by Anazitisi Records in December.  The trio, which consists of Paul Karapiperis on vocals, harmonica, rhythm & resonator guitar and percussion, Panagiotis Daras on rhythm & lead guitar, vocals, violin and percussion and Lefteris Besios on bass are superb musicians, well-versed in blues as well as other musical styles and particularly good at weaving their original tunes into a story that manages to hold their audience spellbound from start to finish.  I have honestly never seen or heard anything quite like them and am very pleased with the results of their efforts.  While not strictly blues, this trio plays it in such a way that the blues shines through like a light in the darkness.  With this band’s tendency to put their material on YouTube, the world gets the opportunity to hear their work and it is a good advertising tool for those who might want to see the band in concert.  Whatever you chose to call it, “Small Blues Trap” is an interesting band and proof positive that blues is a universal language.  Any way you look at it, this is good music.

Bill Wilson