Leader of the Greek blues band,Small Blues Trap, One Sin in Seven Parts is the third effort under his own name.  Not one to be put in a box, Karapiperis blends blues, rock and perhaps a touch of psychedelic music for a sound that is well within the blues genre but with some contemporary touches.  Paul likes to put his own touch on his work, this particular disc having a haunting sound that grips the listener right from the start.  The traditional blues lover will find plenty in this recording to hold his attention.  A simple quick listen will show the influences of Howlin’ Wolf, Sonny Boy Williamson and more.  It is clear from the start that this band has done their homework and has a deeply rooted love for the blues.  Extremely accomplished musicians, this band is capable of playing blues that would make the old masters sit up and give it a good listen and a hearty thumbs up.  Their use of some instrumentation that is unusual to the American public only adds to the intrigue, let alone the eerie feeling it imparts to the band’s sound from time to time.  This is top-notch work by musicians who have honed their skills and can playing it any way they see fit from straight Delta or Chicago style to their own unique style.  Any way they play it, it is powerful, very well played and dripping with passion, one of my personal requirements for any blues album.  Bottom line, I would like to see this band get a lot more exposure.  While the band is not your typical American copy of traditional blues tunes, they are completely original from the instrumentation to the fact that all the tunes were written by Paul Karapiperis and all the tunes have a distinct blues sound and feel.  From an instrumental standpoint they are right on the money and their vocals are suited perfectly to the music.  If you are in the market for something that is just a bit out of the ordinary, One Sin in Seven Parts is a great place to start.  This is just one more example of the far-reaching influence of the blues on a worldwide scale.  This is the real deal with a unique twist.

Bill Wilson