I want to congratulate Paul.  His work on this album delves into relatively unexplored territory…at least in this day and age.  Similarities to the works of the Beat Poets is undeniable.  Karapiperis’ lyrical content stems from that same “stream of consciousness.  While I’ve heard the Beat poets backed by blues works of one kind or another, I found myself questioning just what tone the works of Kerouac, Ginsberg, Ferlinghetti and the lot would have taken if the music of the Delta was more prominent.  Acoustic & Electric Growls might just give us a glimpse.  The music here is haunting; almost foreboding…yet there is a thin thread of hope that winds its way throughout the work.  This is one of those works I listen to in small doses…but I return to it frequently.  It tends to rely on gut feeling rather than a technical blues form, but it gets the job done in a powerful way.  I often hear blues artists talking about thinking and playing outside the box.  Paul Karapiperis and company certainly do that.  If I had to compare this work to anything it would be to a blending of the Beat poets, Hard Bop and a twist of Pink Floyd…played in old Congo Square.  When I do hear traditional blues in this one, it is raw, pure and incredibly powerful.  This is not your typical “Blues” album.  It is unlikely that anyone will chose it for the purpose of dancing.  It is dark, introspective and thought-provoking.  While it is not a blues album in the strictest sense of the word; Acoustic & Electric Growls rates higher in my “blues meter” than so much of the shredding and fluff.  This is one album that will definitely NOT appeal to everyone.  I, on the other hand, enjoyed it immensely.  

Bill Wilson