Probably, one would not immediately think of blues when one thinks of Greece.  But, the trio known as Small Blues Trap have been carryin’ that blues bidness on way over in Greece for some eleven years now.  Their fifth set, recorded at the Shelter Home Studio in the city of Malesina is entitled “Time Tricks.” seven of the unique originals that this band has become noted for.

With an unmistakable vocal delivery that sounds like a cross between Joe Cocker and Hans Theesink, Paul Karapiperis also plays guitar and harp.  On bass is Lefteris Besios, and on second guitar, violin, and percussion is Panagiotis Daras.   There’s a lot of good blues over this set, and the band is not afraid to push the envelope and use modern technology to create their desired sound.

“Gamblin” opens the set, using layered guitars to convey a message reminiscent of the days of the Old West here in the States, along with Paul’s mournful harp on this sly story of “snake eyes,’ a “rabbit’s foot,” and “holding the Queen in my arms last night.”  The set closes in a similar vein with a two-part instrumental.  It seems that “Jesse James” came back from the dead to take care of some unfinished busness.  The beginning follows a marching beat over guitar lines, then gives way to a strong, acoustic guitar, Delta-inspired climax.

“I Wish I Could Fly” is a good shot of funk, over a stuttering backbeat and echo-ey harp reminiscent of Bobby Rush.  The fellows use guitars, violin, and a unique percussion pattern to convey “A Strange Shade Of Red,” while our favorite, fellas, was just too short.  It’s a Robert Johnson-inspired, Chicago blues tune with biting guitar and harp, with Paul “puttin’ on my walkin’ shoes and Leavin’ This Town!”

Small Blues Trap scores big again with “Time Tricks.”  The future of Grecian blues is sho’ nuff in good hands with this well-rounded trio! 
Until next time…
Sheryl and Don Crow, The Νashville Blues Society.