If we were to up and take off for Greece, it’d sho’ nuff be an adventure.  Our friend, vocalist and harp man Paul Karapiperis hails from there, and he has offered up an adventurous set of blues for fans all over the globe to enjoy, “Acoustic And Electric Growls.”  Paul’s blues have always been eclectic and thought-provoking, and these seventeen originals are no exception.  He has taken the raw, primitive blues borne of the Delta and “tripped them out” to create a powerful potion for blues lovers’ palates, indeed.
Opening the proceedings, Paul’s looking for “A Place In Your Brain, that leads to the memories you are keeping!”  It’s fueled by free-form harp, echo-washed vocals, and some serious percussion.  “Life Is Like A Bar Where There Ain’t No Booze” is driven by that manic harp, and the denizens therein have nothin to lose, ’cause they “ain’t got nothin but the blues!”
“Trapped In A Foxhole” was one of our favorites.  This one is acoustic-themed, and Paul’s vocal and harp reassure the listener that “you’ll find your stolen soul again.”  Paul closes the set with another of our favorites, a funky, electric-acoustic amalgam where our hero begs a lover, in “Stupid Rules Blues,” to “please take all these stupid rules from me, and these blues from around my neck.”  The guitars in this one have a strong West Side, Otis Rush or Magic Sam vibe, That leads us to our final favorite.  With “It All Comes Out Right,” Paul gives us probably the most traditional, Chicago-styled cut of the collection. Set over a cool shuffle groove, the harp carries the day in true Windy City, Junior Wells style.
Paul Karapiperis sings the blues with a distinctive brogue that fits well with the material in “Acoustic And Electric Growls.”  It takes you down to the Crossroads, spits in the face of that ol’ devil, and then hops the next thing smokin’ all the way to Chicago, and rocks every juke joint in town!   

Until next time…
Sheryl and Don Crow,

The Nashville Blues And Roots Alliance.