Ahhhh, Facebook.  How were we, as a world civilization, ever able to function without being able to see what our fellow man is up to during every waking hour of every day?  Seriously, tho, the social media outlets can serve a meaningful purpose when it comes to exposing new and exciting music to a literal world-wide audience.  Such is the case with bluesman Paul Karapiperis, all the way from Central Greece and the village of Malesina.  We met thru Facebook, and his latest album, “One Sin In Seven Parts,” can be viewed as a video on YouTube.

Paul has actually taken one song and divided it into seven parts, within the concept of the story of a man and his journeys thru life.  Paul is a dedicated student of the blues, with influences ranging from Muddy to Son House, thru Peter Green and Captain Beefheart.  He sings with a booming, powerful brogue, not unlike another friend of ours, Dave Arcari from the UK.

The piece starts with “Welcome Boy,” over Paul’s ethereal slide guitar intro, which includes unusual percussion via Paul’s metallophone and baglamas.  His harp “welcomes” a young man into “the craziest world you’ve ever seen.”  Part Two begins with Paul’s acoustic slide and begs the question as to why a couple would bring a child “In This World Of Madness.”  The “endless boogie” of John Lee Hooker kicks off the rather somber tale of “Your Ticket To Adventure,” where Paul warns of “confusion within the confines” of alleged “words of wisdom.”

“Callin’ Down The Riverside” foretells that a hard rain’s gonna fall, and his wailing harp evokes those ill winds blowng as this piece ends.  “A Secret Place” has an acoustic opening that segues’ into the most “electrified” portion of the whole set, as screaming guitar lines complete this tune set over a rhumba beat.  A cool, Sonny Boy Williamson-styled country-blues-harp riff opens the next portion, as Paul urges us all to “Dig In Your Soul” to find the truth.  This one reminded us of Hubert Sumlin’s works with Howlin’ Wolf.  The set closes as it began, this time with a minor-key, slow-blues in the vein of SRV, “The Dreamland’s door.”

Thanks to social media, we are much the better off for hsving been introduced to Paul Karapiperis and “One Sin In Seven Parts.”  For a shot of something both old and new in blues, check out his FaceBook and YouTube pages today! 

Until next time…
Sheryl and Don Crow, The Nashville Blues Society.