This Greek three-piece outfit have been playing their own take on the blues for around eleven years now, and this is their fifth album. Leader Paul Karapiperis (vocals, guitars, harmonica, and percussion) tends to go for a dark, sometimes unpredictable blues sound, aided by Panagiotis Daras on lead and rhythm guitars, violin, percussion and vocals, and Lefteris Besios on bass guitar. Take a listen to the opening track ‘Gamblin’’ for a good example of the band’s distinctive approach: the gruff, dramatic vocals and harmonica counterpoint ride a slow, riff driven slow- to mid- tempo arrangement – there’s an ever-so slight vintage Fleetwood Mac feel to it. Following up is the brighter 12 bar number ‘This Little Tune’ and the moody title track. ‘I Wish I Could Fly’ is faster and slightly funk inflected with fine instrumental breaks by guitar and harmonica, ‘A Strange Shade Of Red’ is a curious acoustic number with a prominent plucked violin in the backing, in contrast to the churning, almost conventional blues of ‘I’m Leavin’ This Town’, whilst the closing number – ‘Resurrected Jesse James Returns Back Home – From The Land Of The Dead – To Take Care Of Unpaid Matters’ (!) is pretty experimental but does work (and ironically the band also show that they can play a straight country blues when they want to). Do check it out if you are intrigued by what you’ve read.

Norman Darwen