This Greek singer/ guitarist/ multi-instrumentalist has long ploughed his own individual furrow in the blues world, either under his own name or with the band Small Blues Trap. If you want an idea of just how individual, take a listen the almost free-form, experimental ‘A Place In Your Brain’, with its gruff vocals, mutated harmonica playing and dubbed-out accompaniment. Most of the songs here fall into this “farther-out” category, veering between the rather conventional and the rather less so within seconds of each other – try ‘Broken Pieces Of My Wasted Time’ which for the first few seconds seems as if it is going to be a rather traditional Mississippi-styled blues, but rest assured it isn’t! ‘In This Juke Joint Of Bitter Music’, the vaguely Slim Harpo-styled ‘All Comes Out Right’ (with Paul’s excellent harmonica playing) and the closing ‘Stupid Rules Blues’ show that Paul can more or less play the straight-forward blues, relatively speaking (those who have heard previous releases will also know this already), but much of this set is dark and inventive and brooding. Not always easy listening, but if you want something genuinely different, do try it!

Norman Darwen