BLUES IN BRITAIN (The Longest Road I Know)

The Greeks have more reason than most to sing the blues in these times of economic woe, and the four-piece outfit Small Blues Trap – here augmented on four tracks by the sultry vocalist Georgia Sylleou – do just that. Their blues are moody, sparse, dark and distinctive – how many numbers do you have in your collection beginning, ”I’m a box jellyfish, my toxins attack the heart”? Some of these tracks bear a subtle imprint of Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac, some have more eclectic influences – try ‘When I Whisper My Fears To My Baby’, which proves they have listened to early Dire Straits. Frontman Paul Karapiperis has a strong voice and supplies some fine blues harp to many tracks, guitarist Panagiotis Daras has a versatile approach but always keeps things in context, and the rhythm section pushes proceedings along with a nicely understated power. If you are looking for retreads of ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ or ‘Dust My Broom’, avoid this at all costs, but do check it out if you like your blues to be original and different. 

Norman Darwen