BLUES BYTES (Red Snakes & Cave Bats)

This band never cease to amaze me with their feel for the blues – they might be from Greece, rather than Mississippi, but they know what the blues is all about – they play it and they write it.The band was formed in 2004, led by guitarist/vocalist Paul Karapiperis and on this, their fifth CD by my count, they show that they are continuing to progress in the blues. The thirteen original tracks on this album go to prove that point.The CD opens with “Mr.Jack”, a medium tempo driving blues with Paul Karapiperis playing some inspired harmonica along with the vocals on the track that he wrote in conjunction with bass player Lefteris Besios. “The Sky Will Always Be Blue” follows, with a very subtle hint of backing riff on “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, this one written by Karapiperis with talented guitarist Panagiotis Daras. Karapiperis again picks up his harmonica to add some depth to the track.All of Small Blues Trap’s CDs contain an odd track, sometimes strange sound effects, sometimes strange vocals, and track 3 “This Train Is Full Of Madness” fulfils this task on Red Snakes & Cave Bats. It’s a track with some very accomplished guitar work by Panagiotis Daras, and some strange lyrics about people going out of their minds on a train – weird, but it works!“Strange Melody” is a slow ballad with Karapiperis playing keyboards and drummer Stathis Evageliou laying down a nice relaxed backing behind the bass of Besios and guitar of Daras. The tempo then picks up a bit with Karapiperis on harmonica again on “It’s True”.The CD moves through different tempos and styles from there on, a great mix of blues from the boogie beat of “It Took Me A Long Time”, through the slow and moody “Roy B”, to the acoustic “Surely My Body Gets The Message” and the slide guitar led “Buy A Dog”, which closes the album.If you want to listen to some different blues, or some proof that the blues is alive in Europe, then have a listen to this cd.Terry Clear