Blues Bytes 15

The last time that I came across Paul Karapiperis was with the CD Crossroad Ritual by the Greek band Small Blues Trap, of which Karapiperis is the main man. That was an excellent album which proved that European blues can be almost as good as any.

This CD, 15 Raindrops in an Ocean of Blues Tales, reinforces the view that I had of Crossroad Ritual – it has 15 tracks all written (music & lyrics) by Paul Karapiperis and he has assembled some good musicians to help him along.

Incidentally, my only criticism of the CD is that it is slightly lacking in information about who plays which instrument – we know that Karapiperis is the harp player, but there are three other guys in the band who play something. That’s a very small criticism, and it can be forgiven by the fact that Paul Karapiperis has produced the CD himself.

The content of the CD is best described as experimental blues, I guess, but behind the different sounds incorporated in the album, plenty of good blues guitar and harmonica shines through.

The CD opens with an intriguing harmonica solo “Welcome Onboard! Clap Your Hands” and then moves into a very slow blues “Let’s Do The Boogie All Night.” Track three, “A Voodoo Woman Can,” features Karapiperis’ stylish harmonica playing on another slow blues, whilst the next track, “In Wood Alcohol Line,” picks up the tempo ever so slightly and features some well picked guitar.

There’s not much up-tempo music on here, it’s all fairly laid back, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not a good album – you just need to be in the mood for some slow blues.

Terry Clear