BLUES ART STUDIO (Red Snakes & Cave Bats)

This Greek four-piece is inspired by the sounds of the Chicago blues and the later blues booms in Britain, but has added some individual flavours that make them unique.

The boogying ‘Mr. Jack’ makes a fine opener, and is followed by a southern rock inflected ‘The Sky Will Always Be Blue – heavy guitar and wailing harp, with intimate vocals , but overall, Small Blues Trap really do not sound like anyone else around, whilst remaining recognisably a Blues band, with an approach best described as “brooding”.

If you are looking for influences, try ‘Roy B.’, an excellent homage to the late Roy Buchanan’s style, Mind you, ‘Seven Plus’ sounds very much like early Dire Straits!

Singer Paul Karapiperis has an intimate-sounding voice and a wailing harmonica style, which again is slightly different from the norm.

Europe is producing many acts who are doing something new and exciting with the blues, and Small Blues Trap certainly fits that description.

Norman Darwen