BLUES ART STUDIO (Crossroad Ritual)

I wonder if there are many Greek Blues Bands in the world. If so, are they as good as SBT, first impressions are of a Chicago Blues Band crossed with a very excited Skiffle Group.

Accompanying some very tight and controlled piercing harp is a collection of some of the most appealingly perceptive and highly emotional blues guitar and slide I’ve heard lately, which is superbly provided by both guitarists; firstly, Paul Karapiperis, who also provides the aforementioned stunning harp play, he also takes lead vocals in a manner that clearly explains why the blues is the universal currency of despair.Completing the double pronged guitar assault is Panagiotis Daras.

Lefteris Besios provides a bulwarking bassline; finally George Poulos displays his excellent skills: not only on the drums but with an array of percussion instruments that sometimes sound not only ramshackle but downright tin drum and triangle, yet, the effect is truly inspiring. The jagged edged, almost morbidly medieval, sound effects he creates, jar the senses somewhat but if you stick with it you are richly rewarded.

This is a truly European blues recording; it has none of the slick smoothness found on some of the American blues albums you may have heard.The earthy grittiness and rough edges (musically speaking that is 😉 work tremendously well and only adds to the enjoyment on offer.
Certainly one for the collection!

Brian Harman