BACK TO THE ROOTS (Crossroad Ritual)

After 3 CD’s Small Blues Trap still hasn’t found a distributor over here (in Belgium and the Netherlands) for their CD’s. The question is whether if anybody is waiting on a Greek band that plays Chicago Blues.

Paul Karapiperis, Panagiotis Daras and Lefteris Besios deserve perhaps better, because their sober style of playin’ blues, that sounds like a civilized variant of Elmore D. (a Belgian blues artist), becomes rather enjoyable after several times of listening.

It are as often the small details that makes the difference, like the xylophone and the not further definable percussion in “Crossroad Ritual” or the winks to Tom Waits in “Up And Down”.

On a big stage their music probably will get lost, but in a small blues club on the other hand ……

It’s a pity that Small Blues Trap’s ambition does not go far enough. The lack of the bar code is not a big thing, it is rather charming, but information about the authorship of the songs is indispensable. These omissions are not on a par with what this trio has to offer